Brainless Tales is a Comic!

Brainless Tales is a daily single panel comic by me, Marcus Connor. Puns aplenty are served up with a side of your ol’ pop’s humor, and a bit of "Huh?" thrown in for good measure. Sit back, relax, and enjoy life the way it’s meant to be: expressed by anthropomorphic food, plants, and tools. Just like the good doctor says, "a Tale a day keeps the boredom away." Each panel is like a daily multi-vitamin only much better, and safer for you. Please view responsibly.

self portrait at age 3 Self portrait at age 3

This comic is an ongoing art project for me. I thoroughly appreciate seeing others share and enjoy the Tales. I do not make a living from this art, and so I also work full time in a rubber band research facility developing new and innovative ways to use rubber bands.


May 7, 2016 was the final daily comic from Brainless Tales — which was published every day for 9 years. The site now shows a classic comic each day at the top of the homepage. These comics are pulled from 8 years prior to the current day. You can read more about this on the retirement notice.


I have been drawing all my life. Much of my art, and humor has been influenced by my Dad who was an amazing artist, and entertainer. He, and my Mom always encouraged me to be artistic, and to be a free thinker. As a young child my favorite newspaper comics were Garfield, Snoopy, and The Far Side. When I finally got to the internet I found new sources of fun with these webcomics, and artists:

I have also found inspiration from other artists like Edward Gorey, and Tim Burton.

The truest influence on Brainless Tales is everyday activity. I find stories, and objects all around in real life, and on the internet which spark ideas for me. Most ideas begin with a thought, or an encounter with an object. Puns usually come as a result of hearing, and looking at words from a different angle by not absorbing the word, but inspecting it. Some times I get ideas suggested to me by friends, family, or fans. I don’t use them all, but I have created some great comics from suggestions.

Process: How I Make a Comic


Here is my how I make a comic:

  • Get an idea
  • Draw the line art with a Micron pen on paper
  • Scan the line art into the computer
  • Colorize and add texture in Photoshop

Most comics begin with an idea. Once I have the idea I start drawing with a pen on paper. If I’m unsure of where to put my lines I will sketch first with a pencil. After the drawing is complete I scan it into my computer, and isolate the line art using Photoshop. I place the line art into a layered file which contains paper textures on top and bottom. I then color in the art using a restricted color pallet. The final step is to save the file, and upload it to the site. The title, number, and other data that is related to the comic is entered into a database which is used to keep the site running in order each day.

Support Brainless Tales

Here are some ways you can help support, and promote Brainless Tales:

  • Share the site, and comics with friends using social media, email, etc.
  • Buy Brainless Tales merchandise from the store.
  • Do your shopping through my amazon affiliate link. It's the same price for you, but Brainless Tales earns a commission.

Thank you to those who have promoted, and/or supported this comic in the past, and to those who will in the future!