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History of Bitcoin Roller Coaster

The story of the gif that keeps on giffing

I created the Bitcoin Roller Coaster animated gif in early 2013. The inspiration came from all the talk of the price being a roller coaster ride. I posted it publicly in a few places: here on, on the bitcointalk forums, and on reddit. The initial response was not great.

reddit 0 votes

People Began Sharing

Not too long after I created and shared the original other people began sharing it. In November of 2013 he made an appearance on bitcoinity as seen below.

Bitcoin Roller Coaster appears on bitcoinity

Fans Modified

In 2014 fans of the gif began modifying it to suit the current price trend. 2014 into the beginning of 2015 was a major downturn in price as marked by these fan modified versions below.

fan version

January 2015

Looking Up

In mid-2015 things started looking up. The gifs were turned around.

r/Bitcoin Coaster Madness

On January 6, 2017 the front page of r/Bitcoin went mad with the roller coaster. It was a really fun day full of ups and downs.

r/Bitcoin on reddit

The following day RT tweeted the original gif promoting a story about Bitcoin.

3D printed bitcoin roller coaster

Coaster in 3D

On September 8, 2017 user, rgremill, posted his 3D printed Bitcoin Roller Coaster to reddit. I thought this was so awesome I contacted him, and he was gracious enough to print one and mail it to me!

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