What's this all about?

Brainless Tales is a daily comic. Well, daily comic may be a little unfitting — I mean, this is updated every day but, comic? That would imply humor. Brainless Tales is actually weird daily art masquerading as a daily comic.

Brainless Tales is the non-animated evil step-child of Dreadville. Cartoons and games are fun to make, but they also consume a great deal of time in their construction, like building a dam with sticks and beaver tails. I wanted some instant gratification for my pen work, and so Brainless Tales was born in 2007.

Self Portrait

Self Portrait at age 3

Each comic is drawn with a Micron Pen on paper, then scanned into the computer, and modified as needed before moving to the website for your viewing pleasure.

I've been drawing all my life. To the right is a self portrait I did at age 3. As you can see, this is when my drawing skill peaked. It's a very good likeness — I still look like this, only a little taller.


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Brainless Tales was born and raised in Dreadville.